Faculty Details



Sr. No. Name of  Faculty Designation Qualification Subject Specialization Experience (Yrs) Research Contribution Email-id Sinhgad.edu
Academic Industry
1 Dr. M. L. Bangare Asso. Prof. B.E. COMP 
M tech COMP Ph.D.
Computer Engineering 17 Years 2 Years Nil mlbangare@sinhgad.edu
2 Dr. L. V. Patil Prof. BE( Computer Sci. and Engg)  Me (Computer Engg)  Completed Ph.D (Computer Engg) Software Engg., Database , Distributed System 20 Years 1 Year Ph.D Guide - 7 Reteach Scholar Pursuing Ph.D, 9 PG Students Completed , One Patent, One Copy Right, 30 Research Papers Publication, lvpatil@sinhgad.edu
3 Prof. S. A. Nagtilak Asst. Prof. BE(C.S.E)  ME (Computer Networking)
Ph.D. Pursuing
Networking and Data Science 18.3 Years Nil Nil saNilgtilak@sinhgad.edu
4 Prof. A. S. Narote Asst. Prof. B.E (Electronics) M.E (Electronics)
Ph.D. Pursuing
Image Processing 16 Years 1 Year Nil asNilrote@sinhgad.edu
5 Prof. S. Y. Bobade Asst. Prof. B.E. (IT)         M.E. (Computer)
Ph.D. Pursuing
Internet of Things 14 Years Nil Published Research papers in InterNiltioNill conferences and jourNills Sandip.bobade_skncoe@sinhgad.edu
6 Prof. A. D. Londhe Asst. Prof. BE (COMPUTER SCIENCE ) ME (COMPUTER)
Ph.D. Pursuing
IOT 15 Years Nil Nil aoudumber.londhe_skncoe@sinhgad.edu
7 Prof. S. S. Shinde Asst. Prof. B.Tech(Computer)  M.Tech(Computer) Software Engineering 6 Nil Nil Snehal.jadhav_skncoe@sinhgad.edu
8 Prof. C. S. Jaybhaye Asst. Prof B.E (I.T)          M.E. (IT) Information Technology 2.5 Years Nil Nil Csjaybhaye.skncoe@sinhgad.edu
9 Prof. D. B. Mane Asst. Prof BE (IT)        ME(IT) Software Engineering, DBProf, Business Intelligence, Data science, Machine learning 6.5 Nil Nil deepa.mane_skncoe@sinjgad.edu
10 Profs. A. S.Shinde Asst. Prof BE(Computer Engg)        ME(I.T.) Data Structure, Web Application Development, Discrete Mathematics 2 Years 6 Months Nil abhilasha.shinde_skncoe@sinhgad.edu
11 Profs. M. V. Raut Asst. Prof BE IT                  ME IT Software Testing, IOT 3 Years Nil Nil manjushri.raut_skncoe@sinhgad.edu
12 Prof. A.Y. Kadam Asst. Prof BE(Comp)   ME(Comp) Logic Design and Computer Organization, Web Application Development 11 months Nil Nil aishwarya.kadam_skncoe@sinhgad.edu
13 Prof. S. S. Patil Asst. Prof BE(CSE)  M.Tech(CSE) Computer Science and Engineering 14 Years 0 Nil sarika.patil_skncoe@sinhgad.edu
14 Prof. M.P.Desai Asst. Prof BE (Electronics) ME(E & TC) VLSI and Embedded System 8 years 0 Nil manisha.desai_skncoe@sinhgad.edu
15 Prof. R. A. Patil Asst.Prof. M.E(E&TC) VLSI and Embedded System 7 Years Nil Nil revati.patil_skncoe@sinhgad.edu
16 Prof. S. P. Shinde Asst. Prof B.E (IT)ME(IT) DBMS, Cyber Security 1. 8 Years 2 months Nil shital.shinde_skncoe@sinhgad.edu
17 Prof. S.P. Vanjari Asst. Prof B.E (COMP)ME(COMP) Design and Analysis of Algorithm Data structure, Data base Management System, Machine Learning, Software Testing 10. 2 Years Nil Nil sneha.vanjari_skncoe@sinhgad.edu
18 Prof. S.A. Chavan Asst. Prof B.E (COMP)MTech(COMP) Machine Learning ,DSBDA,WAD 2.5 Years 2.5 Years Nil sunita.chavan@sinhgad.edu
19 Prof. P.S. Pise Asst. Prof BE(Electronics) ME(E & TC) Embedded system , Basic of Computer Network 1 Years 2.5 Years Nil prachi.pise_skncoe@sinhgad.edu
20 Prof. P.T. Jagtap Asst. Prof BE(Computer Science & Engg) ME (Computer) Computer Engg 2 Years 1 Years Nil priyanka.jagtap_skncoe@gmail.com
21 Prof. B.G. Galande Asst. Prof BE(Comp) ME(Comp) Cloud Computing, Basic of Computer Network 1 Years 3 Years Nil bhagwati.galande_skncoe@sinhgad.edu
22 Prof. V. B.Saknure Asst. Prof BE(Information Technology)ME(Computer) DBMS,Business Intelligence,Artificial Intelligence,Data Warehouse.DM. 5.3 Years Nil PHD Admitted. Published Research papers in International conferences and journals varsha.saknure_skncoe@sinhgad.edu