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Parent Testimonials


I am very much happy that my son is doing his Engineering from Smt.KashiBai Navale College of Engineering, Pune. Every Parent desires for the grooming of one’s child and this college has proven this in all aspects-such as education, sense of discipline, high moral and ethical values, social works etc. The professors in this college strive to shape young minds so that they can excel in studies.

I thank the institution for grooming the students so well and wish the college a bright future ahead.


Mr. Ankushrao Bagwale

No words can describe how thankful I  and my husband are to have Mukund be part of the family of Sinhgad, under the qualified teacher along with educational programs you have. The teachers are so helpful, full of support and encouragement and also bring confidence in the class. Great year's for Mukund and especially for us parents knowing Mukund is in a very good environment that always keeps him motivated to come to school and achieve his best. Thank you very much for your leadership and I trust Sinhgad will more get recognize as one of the best education providers in Pune"


Mrs Urmila Shivaji Kute